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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many personal injuries result from motor vehicle accidents. Auto accidents may involve negligence on the part of drivers, including drunk driving and reckless behavior. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, our firm can assist you in receiving compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages.


Iowa Personal Injury Attorneys

You have suffered an injury in a car accident because someone else was negligent. You face a long recovery, which means you cannot work during that time. You are concerned about paying for your regular bills, in addition to bills from the doctors and the hospital.

Legal Assistance with Personal Injury
Contact Newbrough Law Firm, LLP  at your earliest convenience. They will assist you in seeking compensation from the negligent party and his or her insurance company for your injuries be they from a car accident or any other type of mishap. If the other party does not cooperate, or if his or her insurance company fails to respond, Newbrough Law Firm, LLP will take all the necessary actions on your behalf.

Regardless of the reason for your injury, you deserve compensation. The firm can assist you with any personal injury matter, including:


  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Accidents involving a semi truck or other large vehicle
  • Accidents occurring from a slip and fall on another person's property
  • Permanent injury from an infectious disease

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injury
Newbrough Law Firm, LLP is also capable of helping you with permanent disability or the death of a loved one due to the negligence of another party. A wrongful death is on of the hardest events anyone might ever face apart from the loss of a loved one's income. Loss of a fetus can be similarly stressful.

When the disability involves a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, your family could be facing years of specialized care, either at home or in an outside facility. Loss of limb, sight, or hearing can deprive you or a loved one of the ability to earn a living. Newbrough Law Firm, LLP will fight for your rights in any personal injury case and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Call a Lawyer Quickly
Contact  Newbrough Law Firm, LLP to arrange for an initial appointment, during which an attorney will evaluate your case and inform you of your legal options. Quick action could mean the difference between receiving the compensation you deserve and years of frustration.

Our firm serves clients in Iowa (IA), including the city of Ames, the Iowa State University community, and the following counties: Story County, Marshall County, Boone County, Hamilton County, and Hardin County.

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